Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Game Development, 2019
Cum Laud

◆ Maya 2016-19
◆ Zbrush
◆ Unreal Engine 4
◆ Substance Painter
◆ Adobe Photoshop
◆ Adobe Illustrator
◆ Adobe After Effects


◆ 3D Modeling
◆ 3D Sculpting

◆ UV Unwrapping

◆ Texturing

◆ Retopology
◆ Basic 3D Animation
◆ Basic Rigging

◆ Drawing
◆ Blueprint Scripting



Doggone Hungry
    Lead 3D Animator/Rigger, SCRUM Master, CG Generalist (January  2019 - August 2019)

On the award winning  student game “Doggone Hungry,” I was responsible for creating all of the 3D animation and rigs in Maya. As SCRUM Master, I led the team’s task tracking and ensured that weekly goals were within scope. The game was fully developed with Unreal Engine 4, and is set to be published on Steam mid-2021 by SCAD.

Ball & Chain
   Contract Animator (October 2017 - March 2018)
On the student game “Ball & Chain,” I was responsible for most of the main character’s and supporting characters’ animations, which was a process requiring several iterations as game play goals and needs developed.

Elixir Mixer
    Lead Programmer, Character Artist (March 2018 - May 2018)
On the student VR game “Elixir Mixer,” I was responsible for all of the game play programming, executed with Unreal Blueprints. I also modeled, rigged, and animated the student NPC.  The game was fully developed within 10 weeks.


    Available on request