Savannah College of Art and Design

Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Game Development, 2019

◆Maya 2016-19
◆Unreal Engine 4
◆UVLayout Pro
◆Substance Painter
◆Adobe Photoshop
◆Adobe Illustrator
◆Adobe After Effects

◆3D Modeling
◆3D Sculpting
◆Basic 3D Animation
◆Basic Rigging
◆UV Unwrapping
◆Blueprint Scripting



Doggone Hungry
    Lead 3D Animator/Rigger, SCRUM Master (January  2019 - May 2019)
On the award winning  student game “Doggone Hungry,” I was responsible for all of the 3D animation, rigging, and the team task tracking. I also maintained character topography for best deformation within our low poly parameters. The game was fully developed within 20 weeks.

Ball & Chain
   Contract Animator (October 2017 - March 2018)
On the student game “Ball & Chain,” I was responsible for most of the main character’s and supporting characters’ animations, which was a process requiring several iterations as game play goals and needs developed.

Elixir Mixer
    Lead Programmer, Character Artist (March 2018 - May 2018)
On the student VR game “Elixir Mixer,” I was responsible for all of the game play programming, executed with Unreal Blueprints. I also modeled, rigged, and animated the student NPC.  The game was fully developed within 10 weeks.


    Available on request