Two Women Taking a Romantic Stroll

This project took a long a twisted path.




Fly Through

I first began this piece January, 2020. I did the bulk of the sculpting, texturing and high poly baking between then and March. I also did my first round of rigging and posing of the two women, which can be viewed below in the progress gallery. I created very basic rigs, so I could pose and publish them before refining it for further animation use.

But between the beginning of the pandemic and a time-consuming day job, I was unable to create an elegant rig for the two models to share. I would work for a day rigging, and come back a week or two later when I had time, to a lot of confusion as to where I'd left off. I repeatedly did and redid aspects of the rig, and time just kept dragging on as I made little progress.

I was also learning while doing. I did a lot of experimentation, exploring how to create facial rigs and more advanced IK/FK Arm rigs. For certain job applications, I rushed to put out a new posed render of the updated materials. Before I knew it, it was November and I was still building a proper rig. So I decided that I had sunk too much time into a struggling piece, and moved on entirely.

But two days before Valentine's Day 2021, I was struck by a sudden determination to compose a scene with the two models that I could be proud of. I am happy with the models and proud of my improvement in texturing and UV Layout. It was a shame to leave all of that work in the proverbial broom closet. I used the rigs as well as they could be and organically sculpted the poses from there. Then I set up the scene in Unreal engine with a tree model I had created for the project, and Unreal basics to fill out the background.

Progress Gallery

The journey, starting with the beginning steps and continuing until the end.