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Doggone Hungry

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Doggone Hungry is a student game developed fully in 20 weeks.

Become larger than life in Doggone Hungry, a casual PC game where you play as a rambunctious Labrador Retriever. Manipulate party guests into feeding you and grow large enough to save your beloved toy.

More information about the game and the rest of the team can be found on the official Doggone website!


My role on the team was Lead Rigger and 3D Animator. I rigged all 3D characters in game and weighted all clothing, and created all 3D practical animation.  Before rigging, I optimized the anatomy and topology of my teammate's models for animation without blendshapes.

The Dog rig was ever-evolving as I animated with it and better learned what kinds of performance I wanted from the dog, and what was required by the game. He has working IK and FK, and his tail never stops wagging.


The NPCs ended up having a lot more animations than we originally scoped for. Idle animations for sitting, standing, and laying down, unique actions for the players to interpret in all 3 mini games, and special quest animations. Their rig also underwent some evolution, as the original had to be built quickly in order to start getting animations into the engine, and I started learning better ways of rigging.

I also had the opportunity to design and texture the beach level NPC clothing!

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